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Open standards

Kamst-IR Gateway

Monitor Energy and Water Consumption.

Measure real-time Energy

…and water consumption

The Kamst-IR Gateway for Kamstrup Multical heat and water meters gives you live insight into consumption of district heating, underfloor heating and heat pumps. It is also compatible with FlowIQ Water Meters.

Know exactly how much energy or water you use when heating your home, showering or filling a bathtub.

Beautiful dashboards

The energy and water consumption is shown in nice disboards that give you more insight and how you can possibly save money. So you can use it with the Home Assistant energy dashboard, Homey and Domoticz. You also get exclusive access to the Smart Gateways Kamstrup Gateway Dashboard for Home Assistant where you can see even more data.

Easy to install

The Kamst-IR Gateway works on all Kamstrup Multical and FlowIQ Heat and Water meters. A mounting bracket is included but not required on certain types. The Infra-Red Module even stays in place automatically on most meters due to the built-in magnet.

*at this time there is no mounting bracket for water meters available


Suitable for almost all Home Automation software

The KAMST-IR Gateway is compatible with virtually all Home Automation software such as Home Assistant andDomoticz and has its own Homey app.

You’ll find a big collection of manuals on our support page.

Open Standards

By using open standards such as REST API and MQTT, the KAMST-IR Gateway can be interfaced with virtually any software. So you can use your own cloud service. With MQTT support via TLS encryption, data transmission meets the highest standards.

Suitable for all Multical and FlowIQ meters

The Kamst-IR Gateway is compatible with all Kamstrup Multical Heat and Water meters. Water-Link water meters in Belgium are also supported.

Compatible with the following heat meters:

Compatible with the following water meters:

Can I track my heat and water usage in real time?

Of course! The Kamst-IR Gateway continuously reports consumption so you can always see what your energy usage is.

Can I also use the Kamst-IR Gateway without home automation software?

As with all our gateways, you can subscribe to the Online Energy Dashboard. You can choose this option at checkout. You can decide later, of course.

Is it hard to install for someone without much experience?

We provide our gateway with an installation guide, allowing you to set it up yourself with ease.

Is the gateway compatible with my Kamstrup meter?

The Kamst-IR Gateway is designed for use with all of Kamstrup’s energy and water meters. Simply mount the sensor on the Infra-Red eye of your meter and start monitoring your energy and water consumption.

My Kamstrup meter is equipped with a battery, does it run down quickly?

Most Kamstrup meters are powered via an internal battery. To conserve lifetime of the battery, the Kamst-IR gateway can be set to read the Kamstrup meter every hour. This can be done by adjusting the IR-Read interval on the gateway. This allows you to determine how often the measurement data is refreshed. At 15-minute intervals, an average battery lasts 10 years.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Almost all district heating providers use Kamstrup Multical meters to track energy consumption. The gateway is suitable for district heating from the following suppliers, among others: Vattenfall (formerly Nuon), Ennatuurlijk, Stadsverwarming Purmerend (SVP), Stedin Warmte (part of Stedin), HVC Group, Eneco, Warmtebedrijf Rotterdam, AVR, Warmtenetwerk Westland, InfraServies, Eteck, DUW+ and BioWarmteCentrale De Purmer. If you are not sure if the Kamst-IR Gateway works with your district heating system, please fill out the contact form for more information.

Water-Link in Belgium installs smart water meters. These can be read with the Kamst-IR gateway. Other kamstrup water meters such as the Multical 21 or the FlowIQ are also compatible with the gateway.

Yes, you can set the IR-Read interval to 30 seconds. The gateway will continuously read the meter.

You can use the gateway without home automation software. This can be done with a subscription to our online dashboard. You can select this when adding the gateway to your shopping cart.

The Kamst-IR Gateway is equipped with an Infra-Red sensor suitable for all Kamstup meters. This sensor is not removable.

You receive a manual with the Gateway that allows you to quickly start tracking your energy and water usage. On our support page you will find a comprehensive set of manuals for using different types of home automation software.

Yes, you can. The Online Energy Dashboard works independently of other integrations.

Of course. The Kamst-IR Gateway tracks hourly, daily, monthly and yearly consumption for easy comparison.

Yes, this is possible. For example, you can connect your gateway to Domoticz, Homey, and Home Assistant, while also viewing usage through the Online Energy Dashboard.

You can choose to block internet access. The Gateway will still work without an internet connection. Of course, you will need internet access for OTA firmware updates.

Try to install the gateway in a dry location in your home where there is enough WiFi coverage.

Need support?

If you have any questions about our gateway, please feel free to send us a message.

Compatible Kamstrup meters

Suitable for all Kamstrup heat and water meters


0.001 GJ / 0.001 mΒ³

Length of the sensor cable

1.5 meters

Sensor connection

Not dismountable

Moisture resistance


WiFi compatibility

IEEE 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz), support for WPA/WPA2/WPA3

Power consumption

40mA nominal, 150mA peak during start-up

Power connection

Micro USB



Temperature range

-20Β°C to 50Β°C

Moisture resistance


Supported protocols

KMP & IEC 62056-21

Technical specifications