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Distancemeter WiFi Gateway


Measure the water level of a water tank, rain barrel or pond. The gateway easily interfaces with Home Assistant, Domoticz, Homey and many other home automation software. The gateway comes with a waterproof sensor that can be mounted on top of a reservoir. The sensor has a range of 20 to 450 cm and an accuracy of 1cm.

The cable of the sensor can be extended with these optional extension cables. The gateway comes with a 2m sensor cable included.
This USB Power Adapter Set is perfect for powering your smart gateway. The set consists of a USB power adapter with a USB A connection and a 1-meter long USB cable from USB A to micro USB. With this set, you are assured of a reliable and stable power supply for your gateway.
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With the Distancemeter WiFi Gateway, you can see at a glance how full your water tank, rain barrel or pond is. The gateway easily interfaces with Home Assistant, Domoticz, Homey and many other home automation software. The gateway comes with a waterproof sensor that can be mounted on top of a reservoir. The sensor has a range of 20 to 450 cm and a resolution of 1cm. Through this gateway, create an automation for refilling your pond and prevent it from running dry.



  • Gateway comes with waterproof sensor with 2-meter cable
  • Can be used to measure the water level in a tank
  • Also measures other types of surfaces so can also be used for other applications
  • Suitable for Home Assistant, Domoticz and Homey*
  • Full MQTT support, also suitable for suppliers who want to monitor their customers’ water consumption via their own cloud
  • REST API – All values can be read via json web server
  • Clear dashboard for Home Assistant
  • Automatic firmware updates
  • Range from 20 to 450cm (at an angle of up to 60 degrees)
  • Maximum height of the level can be entered via the web server
  • The offset of the sensor can be changed
  • Accuracy: 1cm
  • Power consumption: 50mA

To be used without home automation software

The gateway’s web server displays the water level in real time. This makes it possible to use the gateway even without home automation software. Water level elevations are calculated and displayed in real-time based on the entered maximum elevation and any offset from the sensor.

Home Assistant integration

The Distancemeter WiFi Gateway fully cooperates with Home Assistant. A nice dashboard shows all the data in one view. These include the distance in centimeters from the surface of the water. By entering the total distance from a sensor to the bottom of the tank, Home Asssitant itself calculates how full or empty the tank is and displays it in percentages.

The gateway also sends important diagnostic information to Home Assistant and the firmware can be updated via the dashboard.

MQTT topics

The Distancemeter WiFi Gateway publishes the following MQTT topics:

These topics can be read by Home Assistant, Domoticz or any other package and then displayed in a dashboard. As a result, the possibilities are endless!

Prevention of fluctuations

The gateway measures the distance to the surface at a rate of 10 measurements per second. It occasionally happens that a measurement is slightly off. This is quite normal. To avoid these small fluctuations, the gateway itself calculates the average distance from a number of values. This average distance is transmitted along with the real-time distance via MQTT and the REST API. This ultimately ensures that the home automation software used will reflect the distance stably. Choose which measurement to use.


The Distancemeter WiFi Gateway will broadcast a WiFi network when first used. If connected to the “SmartGateways DistanceMeter” ssid, one’s own WiFi network can be selected. Then the mqtt server used and a static ip address can be set, if necessary. Once connected, the gateway sends the consumption to the set mqtt server. If a fixed ip address is required, this can also be specified. An installation guide for Mosquitto MQTT can be found on our support page.

Web server with JSON API

The Distancemeter WiFi Gateway has an internal web server on which all information can be accessed via an API link. The Web server runs on port tcp/82 and can be found based on mDNS via http://connectix_distancemeter.local:82/distancemeter/api/read. The image below shows a screenshot of the contents:

Firmware updates

Development is an ongoing process. As a result, new firmware updates may be released. These updates can be installed automatically. The gateway will automatically check for updates every hour. These can then be installed at the touch of a button.

Gateway version information and available new firmware are also transmitted via MQTT. This allows this information to be displayed on the dashboard you use. The new updates can even be installed through the Home Assistant dashboard without physically being at the gateway!

Support for Domoticz

The gateway can be easily interfaced within Domoticz through the built-in web server with API. The instruction will be available soon.

Support for Homey

The Distancemeter Gateway can be paired via the Smart Gateways App for Homey.

Download the Homey app

Powered via micro-usb

The Distancemeter WiFi Gateway features a micro usb connection that can be used to power the gateway. The gateway can be powered by a power supply of 5V and 1A.

Instructions and manuals

Take a look at our support page for detailed instructions and installation guides.

Weight0,1 kg
Dimensions5,4 × 3 × 4,1 cm


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