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You don’t know how much you save until you know what you consume. Our gateways including online dashboards give you the tools to make the world a greener place and save money. Get an annual subscription to the online dashboard now. The dashboard is compatible with all our gateways.

Select the type of gateway for which you want to purchase the subscription. A subscription is required for each gateway. If you have 2 gateways, then add 2 gateways to the shopping cart.
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Our handy dashboard shows actual gas and electricity consumption, water consumption and district heating energy consumption. This will save you an average of €350 per year on your energy bill. If you have solar panels, you’ll see exactly what you feed back to the grid.

smart meter dashboard save energy with smart gateways

Gas, electricity, water, solar panels and district heating

We have a solution for every type of meter. Whether you have a Smart Meter, watermeter, district heating, or old-fashioned analog gas meter. Connect our gateways to your wifi network and track energy consumption live. By day, week, month and year.

Works Everywhere!

Whether you use a cell phone, PC, mac or tablet, our dashboard works everywhere. Keep track of what your solar panels are generating. Our app gives you insight into the real-time usage of all our gateways.

Voltage and energy consumption per phase

Energy consumption and voltage is visible by phase. Some solar panels switch off as soon as the grid voltage exceeds 253 volts. This is a hotly debated topic. Through our dasboard, you know exactly when this happens and can hold your grid operator accountable. To do this, however, you must have a new smart meter (at least dsmr version 5).

Connect your inverter

You can also link your inverter through the smart meter dashboard. This way, you can immediately see how much of your solar energy is being utilized. Currently, SolarEdge inverters are supported. We are actively working on making inverters from other brands available, and you don’t need to install anything for this.

If you generate more solar energy than you use in your home and are exporting it, you won’t be able to simultaneously monitor your household appliance consumption. The power consumption graph combines data from your P1 Meter with data from your solar panels to calculate your current home consumption.

Export data

We keep all records for 1 year. You can export your data so you can access it even after this period. The convenient export function lets you export all measurement data to known file formats such as CSV, XLS and XLSX. This allows you to access them in Excel, for example. Please note that the dashboard requires you to own one of the following gateways:

When ordering, specify which type of gateway want dashboard license for and the MAC Address of the gateway. The MAC address is on the label of your gateway. After we receive your order, you will receive an activation link.

A subscription is required for each gateway. If you have 2 gateways, then add 2 gateways to the shopping cart.


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Smart gateways

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