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Kamst-IR Gateway for Kamstrup Multical meters


Reads Kamstrup Multical heat meters. Suitable for district heating from Vattenfall, Eneco, Nuon and Essent. Also suitable for heat pumps or underfloor heating. Integrates seamlessly with Home Assistant, Domoticz and Homey. Can also be used without home automation in conjunction with the Smart Gateways Dashboard.

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The Kamst-IR Gateway for Kamstrup heat meters and water meters for district heating, underfloor heating and heat pumps enables energy consumption insight within Home Assistant, Domoticz and Homey. This gateway can be easily connected to a Kamstrup meter for district heating. The kamstrup heat meters are used for district heating by Vattenfall, NUON Eneco and Ennatuurlijk, among others. Because the meter is read directly, this gateway is even independent of the energy supplier!


Kamstrup Multical Home Assistant Domoticz Homey

Is my district heating system suitable?

The Kamst-IR Gateway is suitable for Kamstrup Multical heat meters and water meters. These meters are equipped with an infrared eyelet. The gateway’s ir read head can be placed on this eyelet. A holder with click mechanism is included so that the ir reading head can be easily placed on the heat meter. This holder is only suitable for heat meters, not water meters.

Supported heat meters:

  • Kamstrup Multical 302
  • Kamstrup Multical 303
  • Kamstrup Multical 402
  • Kamstrup Multical 403
  • Kamstrup Multical 601
  • Kamstrup Multical 602
  • Kamstrup Multical 603
  • Kamstrup Multical 801
  • Kamstrup Multical 803
  • Kamstrup Multical 6M2
  • Kamstrup Multical SVM S6
  • Kamstrup Multical 66-C(DE)
  • Kamstrup Multical 401
  • Kamstrup Multical SVM 10EL
  • Kamstrup Maxical III
  • Kamstrup Multical III
  • Kamstrup SVM 9EVL

Also suitable for water meters!

Also works on Kamstrup Multical water meters. With these meters, only water consumption is transmitted.


Supported water meters:

  • flowIQ 2101
  • flowIQ 2102
  • flowIQ 2200
  • flowIQ 3100
  • flowIQ 3200
  • flowIQ 4200
  • Multical 21
  • Multical 41
  • Multical 61
  • Multical 62
  • MAG8000

*For the water meters, we do not have a suitable holder at this time.

Heat meter and consumption

Kamstrup Multical meters transmit a great deal of information, including:

  • Total heat energy (GJ)
  • Power (kWh)
  • Input temperature (Β°C)
  • Output temperature (Β°C)
  • Temperature difference between input and output (Β°C)
  • Total flow volume (mΒ³)
  • fFow per hour (L/hour)
  • Total minimum values per month and year for temperature, flow, power
  • And more (see mqtt topics)


The Kamst-IR Gateway for Kamstrup meters will emit a Wi-Fi network when first used. If connected with the “SmartGateways Kamst-IR” ssid, the own WiFi network can be selected. Then the mqtt server used and a static ip address can be set, if necessary. Once connected, the gateway sends the data from the connected Multical meter to the set mqtt server or offers it via the rest-api.

Read Interval

Kamstrup Multical meters are usually powered by an internal battery. To save battery power, the interval at which the read head reads the heat meter can be set on the gateway. At 10-minute intervals, the internal battery will last for years. Of course, the interval can be adjusted to 1 minute or even lower. The internal battery will then need to be replaced more quickly. If the Kamstrup Multical is supplied with mains power, it can be read in real time, i.e. with an interval of about 1 secode.

MQTT topics

The Kamst-IR Gateway publishes the following MQTT topics:

Kamstrup multical mqtt topics for district heating of vattenfall eneco essent

These topics can be read by Home Assistant, Domoticz or any other package and then displayed in a dashboard. As a result, the possibilities are endless!

Web server with JSON REST API

The Kamst-IR gateway has an internal web server on which all information can be accessed via an API link. The Web server runs on port tcp/82 and can be found based on mDNS via http://connectix_kamstir.local:82/kamstir/api/read. The image below shows a screenshot of the contents:

Kamstrup Multical MQTT REST API Vattenfall Eneco Essent

Firmware updates

Development is an ongoing process. As a result, new firmware updates may be released. These updates can be installed automatically. The gateway will automatically check for updates every hour. These can then be installed at the touch of a button.

Gateway version information and available new firmware are also transmitted via MQTT. This allows this information to be displayed on the dashboard you use. The new updates can even be installed through the Home Assistant dashboard without physically being at the water meter!

Home Assistant dashboard

A link to the instruction for Home Assistant can be found on our support page.

Support for Domoticz

The gateway can be easily linked within Domoticz through the built-in web server with REST API.

Support for Homey

Includes support for Homey via our Smart Gateways app.

Homey App

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Dimensions7 × 3 × 2,5 cm


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