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Smart Zigbee LED Dimmer


Transform your lamps into smart devices with this Zigbee LED dimmer. Compatible with renowned brands like Busch-Jaeger and Gira, it seamlessly integrates behind various cover materials, allowing you to maintain your preferred aesthetic. Additionally, it operates without a neutral wire, facilitating installation in any recessed or surface-mounted box. Thanks to the comprehensive manual included, setup is effortless and swift.

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Zigbee 3.0 LED dimmer with push/rotary knob

Make all your lamps smart with this Zigbee LED dimmer. It can be used behind all cover materials from well-known brands such as Busch-Jaeger and Gira. So, you can continue using your own cover material. This dimmer does not require a neutral wire, so you can use it in all recessed or surface-mounted boxes. With the included manual, installation is quick and easy.

This Zigbee dimmer works like a traditional push-rotary dimmer. On/off operation is done with a push of the button, dimming by rotating.

Pair this dimmer with your home automation system or your favorite app.

Compatible with:

  • Philips Hue
  • Home Assistant (via Zigbee2MQTT, for example)
  • Domoticz
  • Google Assistant/Google Home (via a Zigbee hub)
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Homey
  • Futurehome
  • Trust
  • Aduro Smart
  • Samsung SmartThings
  • WINK

Not suitable for:

  • TRร…DFRI (can be paired via Touchlink or Home Assistant / Domoticz as a bridge, not visible in the app)
  • Apple HomeKit

Suitable for loads from 0 to 200 watts.

Not all LED drivers have the ability to be controlled down to 0 watts. Certain drivers start at, for example, 5 watts. The dimmer has a rotary knob that allows adjusting the minimum power the dimmer sends through. This prevents, for example, your LED lamps from flickering when the dimmer is under minimal load from the LED driver.

Compatible LED lamps:

With this Zigbee rotary dimmer, you can control your ‘dumb’ LED lamps ‘smartly’. You do not need to connect smart LED lamps to this LED dimmer, but simply regular/dumb LED lamps (working on phase cut/trailing edge).

Compatible LED lamp brands with this LED dimmer include:

  • IKEA (except Tradfri)
  • Philips (except Hue)
  • Osram
  • Megaman
  • Sylvania
  • Sencys (Praxis)
  • Livarno Lux (Lidl)
  • EcoBright

Not suitable for:

  • Pharox
  • Calex E14, with twisted rod or Gold series
  • Handson
  • Smart LED lamps, such as Hue LED lamps/Tradfri LED lamps, etc.
  • Touchlink

This dimmer supports Touchlink, so a hub or controller is not necessary. For example, you can pair a touchlink remote control to operate the dimmer.

No buzzing!

Tired of the buzzing from your existing dimmer? This dimmer is silent!

Note: Never place a mixed load (e.g., combination of LED and halogen) on one dimmer. This dimmer is also not suitable for halogen lamps on an old core transformer.

Weight0,100 kg
Dimensions5 × 8 × 8 cm

โœ“ย Zigbeeย gecertificeerd
โœ“ Geschikt voor alle A-merken afdekmateriaal
โœ“ installatie middels 2 draden (geen nuldraad of bypass nodig)
โœ“ Druk/Draai
โœ“ Geschikt voor de meeste Zigbee domotica
โœ“ Touchlink ondersteuning
โœ“ Spraakondersteuning (via Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant/Home)
โœ“ 0-200W LED
โœ“ Optimale dimbaarheid & lichtstabiliteit
โœ“ MIN afstelling
โœ“ Bescherming tegen overbelasting & stoorsignalen
โœ“ Geschikt voor 90% van alle dimbare led lampen
โœ“ Installatie met bestaande 2 draden (geen nuldraad of bypass vereist)
โœ“ Geschikt voor wissel/hotelschakeling met pulsschakelaar
โœ“ Geruisloos dimmen
โœ“ Soft-start systeem

Geschikt voor afdekmateriaal

Busch-Jaegerย (m.u.v. 6540-7x)
Berker by Hager
Merten by Schneider 51xx en System M
Nikoย (m.u.v. XXX-31003 en PR20)

Niet geschikt voor de volgende merken:

Merten 57xx
Dimmerknop met D-vormig gat, zoals Wintop, Plieger, GAMMA Everest
Dimmerknop met kliksysteem/klembevestiging, zoals Busch-Jaeger 6540-7 en Niko XXX-31003


Smart Gateways

Smart gateways

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