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Find instructions and manuals here


You can find instructions and manuals here

I don’t see the new web server yet, what should I do?

You probably read in the newsletter that all Smart Gateways have a new web server. If you don’t see these yet, then your gateway needs to be updated.

The gateway checks for an update every hour. The blue LED will then flash rapidly. Now press the reset button briefly. The gateway then installs the update. If the update fails you can repeat it a few times. Sometimes firewalls like Unifi’s block the update and you can have the gateway download via a hotspot on your phone for a while.

After downloading the new firmware, the gateway checks to see if this has gone well. If not, the gateway will boot with the old firmware. So sometimes you have to try a little more often before it works. Fortunately, that will soon be possible through the firmware update menu of the web portal.

Should it fail, you can briefly connect the gateway to another Internet connection such as the hotspot on your phone. It often succeeds then.

We recommend following the process via logging in that case anyway. How to do that can be seen here:

After the update, the web server will be activated and the update in the future can be done easily through the firmware menu.

Web server available after update at http://ip_adres_gateway:82

Reset to factory default

  1. Make sure the gateway is not powered, including through the P1 port of the smart meter
  2. Wait a little longer before pressing the reset button
  3. Plug in the usb cable and wait for the blue LED to start flashing or the display to come on
  4. while flashing, press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds until the blue LED flashes rapidly
  5. release the reset button and wait 20 seconds. The gateway has been reset

Reset to factory default

Disconnect all cables from the gateway including the P1 cable to the smart meter

Don’t press the reset button yet

Connect the usb cable to the gateway and wait for the blue led starts blinking or the display turns on

Press the reset button during the blinking of the blue led or while the display just turned on and keep it pressed till the blue led blinks fast or the reset screen appears

Release the button and wait 20 seconds. The gateway is now reset to factory default

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