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How to connect your Smart meter to Domoticz

Nowadays, almost every home has a Smart Meter. These meters are also referred to as DSMR P1. Using a Smart Meter eliminates the need for energy suppliers to visit customers physically and take meter readings. On these smart meters is a connection that also allows you to read the meter yourself. This connection is also called the P1 port. An RJ12 plug you probably know from a telephone cable fits into this port.

Gas consumption also often visible

Most households today also have a smart gas meter. In this case, the gas meter has a wireless connection to the smart electricity meter. It may also be that the gas meter is connected to the electricity meter via a cable.

You can also read your smart meter yourself with Raspberry Pi via Domoticz. This allows you to see exactly how much energy and gas you use and how you can save on your energy costs.

In this post, I’ll explain how you can easily connect your smart meter to Domoticz.

Smart meter reading: What do you need?

There are several Raspberry Pi versions available. The latest version is a Raspberry Pi 4. I assume you already have Domoticz installed. If you haven’t installed Domoticz yet, do so first. There are several manuals online that you can use.

Step 1: Read smart meter with the wifi gateway

Install the wireless wifi gateway according to the enclosed manual. It can also be found on Smart Gateways’ Support page.

Step 2: Link the smart meter wifi gateway to Domoticz

Add the smart meter as follows:

  • Open Domoticz in your web browser. Now go to Settings -> Hardware
  • select “P1 Smart Meter with LAN interface. Enter the ip address of the adapter and port 23
  • leave the other fields at the default values
  • Now select “Add”

The smart meter is now connected. The data will now be available within Domoticz.

Step 3: Add the new data (devices) to Domoticz

The smart meter will create a number of devices within Domoticz. You can add these as follows:

  • Go to Settings – Devices
  • Press the green arrow next to the device you want to add
  • Name the device

Domoticz Smart Meter Cable Connecting Device AddingNow click Other to view the device. Domoticz Smart Meter Cable Connecting Device Display

As you can see in the image above, current consumption and gas meter readings are displayed. You can possibly make more data visible as you add more devices.

If you click on Log you will see nice graphs that also show historical consumption.

Domoticz Smart Meter Cable Connecting Power Consumption
Display energy consumption smart meter in domoticz

If you have followed all the steps, you can now read your smart meter and start saving on your energy costs. You can do this by replacing your light bulbs with Led bulbs, turning off appliances in standby mode automatically, switching your lamps automatically, etc.

Keep a close eye on the charts and note for yourself when you have made an adjustment. That way you can properly compare whether you are saving money with that adjustment.