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View the log of a gateway

Here I will explain to you in a few steps how to view the log of a gateway. This can provide insight into operation and troubleshooting.

Step 1 – Install ESPHome Flasher

Download and install ESPHome-Flasher for Windows or mac-OS

Step 2- Use the right usb cable

Make sure you use a good usb cable. Not all usb cables have data connectors. There are usb cables that only supply power. Thus, these are inappropriate and cause the virtual com port not to be found.

Step 3 – Installation of the firmware downloader

Run the ESPHome-Flasher utility. The following screen is displayed:

Select the serial port to which the gateway is connected. If the serial port is not listed, install the driver for the serial port first. The driver can be downloaded from this link. The com port may still not be displayed after driver installation. Then press the arrows next to Serial port on the right side of the screen. If the com port is still not displayed, please reboot your system.

Now click on View Logs

The gateway will now reboot, the log of the gateway is displayed in the Console below.

Copy and paste the log in your email to support if you need assistance.