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How to connect ZTATZ P1 Monitor to Smart Meter WiFi Gateway

In this instruction, I explain how to connect your Smart Meter Gateway to ZTATZ P1 Monitor.

P1 Monitor is Raspberry PI 3-based software to display your energy usage from your Smart Meter. The smart meter has a so-called P1 port/connection where the latest values can be read every 10 seconds. If you want to measure current and historical electricity consumption then P1 monitor is the solution for you. Below is a simple diagram of how the P1 Monitor works.

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What do you need to read the smart meter with ZTATZ P1 Monitor?

To read the smart meter with Home Assistant with MQTT, you need a Smart Meter WiFi gateway. It is available here. (Click on the picture to go to the Smart Meter WiFi gateway product page).

Install P1 monitor following the instructions at If P1 monitor is installed, it can connect to the smart meter wifi gateway through a virtual com port. It can be created through the following steps.

Connecting the gateway to ZTATZ P1 Monitor

Connecting the gateway can be done easily. To do this, enter the gateway’s ip address at IP Address. The IP port is always 23. Then set the socat configuration slider to active.

Save the configuration.

If all went well, P1 Monitor will read the smart meter wifi gateway.