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WarmteNet WiFi Gateway for district heating from Eneco, Nuon and Vattenfall


The WarmteNet WiFi Gateway for district heating with WarmteLink makes energy consumption transparent. Can be paired with Home Assistant, Domoticz, Homey and MQTT

A full description is available can be found here.

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A full description is available here can be found here.

The WarmteNet Gateway for WarmteLink (district heating) Gateway enables district heating consumption visibility within Home Assistant, Domoticz, Homey and MQTT. This gateway can be easily connected to a smart meter for district heating. Supported meters include meters from Vattenfall, NUON and Eneco.

What is the difference between the new KAMST-IR Gateway and the HeatLink Gateway?

The WarmteLink Gateway only provides total consumption in GJ. The KAMST-IR Gateway provides all the readings that a Kamstrup Multical heat meter can provide. Energy suppliers charge only the total number of GigaJoules consumed. So if you are only interested in consumption then the HeatLink is sufficient. If you want to know all the details of your district heating and do not have Vattenfall’s WarmteLink, then the KAMST-IR Gateway is the recommended gateway.

Is my district heating system suitable?

On gateway-capable district heating, a WarmteLink gateway with P1 port is always connected to a Kamstrup Multical meter. First, verify that this is the case. The WarmteLink has two versions. Our WarmteNet Gateway works with both versions.

HeatLink Type 1
Vattenfall heat link district heating
HeatLink Type 2

Heat meter and consumption

Most new district heating meters come with a smart meter. It consists of two small boxes: the heat meter and the HeatLink.

  • You can recognize the heat meter by its display. On it, you can see how much heat you use to heat your home and water.
  • The HeatLink features a P1 port that is also used by smart electricity meters. The WarmteNet gateway can be connected to this port and then makes the data available to your home automation solution

Powered by the smart meter

The WarmteNet WiFi Gateway for district heating can be powered by the smart meter. Thus, no separate power supply is required.


The WarmteNet WiFi Gateway for WarmteNet district heating will broadcast a WiFi network when first used. If connected to the “SmartGateways WARMTENET” ssid, one’s own WiFi network can be selected. Then the mqtt server used and a static ip address can be set, if necessary. Once connected, the gateway sends the consumption to the set mqtt server. If a fixed ip address is required, this can also be specified. An installation manual for Mosquitto MQTT can be found here

MQTT topics

The WarmteNet WiFi Gateway for WarmteLink District Heating will publish the following MQTT topics:

These topics can be read by Home Assistant, Domoticz or any other package and then displayed in a dashboard. As a result, the possibilities are endless!

Web server with JSON API

The WarmteNet WiFi gateway has an internal web server on which all information can be accessed via an API link. The Web server runs on port tcp/82 and can be found based on mDNS via http://connectix_warmtenet.local:82/warmtenet/api/read. The image below shows a screenshot of the contents:

Firmware updates

Development is an ongoing process. As a result, new firmware updates may be released. These updates can be installed automatically. The gateway will automatically check for updates every hour. These can then be installed at the touch of a button.

Gateway version information and available new firmware are also transmitted via MQTT. This allows this information to be displayed on the dashboard you use. The new updates can even be installed through the Home Assistant dashboard without physically being at the water meter!

Home Assistant dashboard

For example, within Home Assistant, the following dashbard can be displayed. Instructions for this will be available soon.

Support for Domoticz

The gateway can be easily interfaced within Domoticz through the built-in web server with API. The instruction is coming soon.

Support for Homey

Coming soon is its own Smart Gateways WarmteNet app for Homey.

Diagnostic data

A column of diagnostic data may also be displayed. This shows such things as the gateway’s mac address and installed firmware. Clicking on the right lightning bolt will install the latest firmware. This is done completely automatically.

The gateway will publish the time when it was last started. This can help find faults.

The panel on the right shows the strength of the wifi signal (rssi) received by the gateway. A reception is very good between -30 and -63 dB. Between -63 and -75 is moderate and lower than -73 is poor. This information gives you a good idea of whether the gateway is functioning properly.

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