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Smart meter wifi gateway with active P1 splitter


The Smart Meter WiFi gateway including P1 splitter allows you to connect a smart meter via wifi to, for example, Home Assistant (including the new energy dashboard), Domoticz, Homey, DSMR-Reader and countless home automation solutions!

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The Smart Gateways Smart Meter WiFi gateway with active P1 splitter allows you to connect a smart meter via WiFi to Home Assistant (including the new energy dashboard), Domoticz, Homey, DSMR-Reader and countless home automation solutions, for example. Another P1 dongle can be connected via the built-in active splitter if necessary. So you can use the gateway together with a charging station, Eneco tone or other P1 devices.

If you only want to use your gateway with Home Assistant, there is now also the economical ESPHome version of the gateway.

If you don’t have home automation and still want to read your smart, choose the online Dashboard. Through this dashboard, you can see your energy consumption and solar panel output. Wherever you are, on your cell phone, mac or tablet. Get insight into electricity and gas consumption by day, week, month and year. This way you quickly detect standby consumers and save energy.

Works with all smart meters in the following countries:

  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Hungary
  • Litauwen and
  • Switzerland

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  • Easy to configure
  • Works without cloud
  • Suitable for all smart meters
  • Includes active P1 splitter for connecting multiple P1 devices to a smart meter
  • Understanding gas consumption
  • Insight into water consumption (only in Belgium with Fluvius smart water meters)
  • Can be powered by the P1 port of the smart meter (DSMR5 meters only)
  • Update per second (depending on type of smart meter)
  • Power, voltage and current per phase available (depending on type of smart meter)
  • Energy Dashboard for Home Assistant, exclusively for Smart Gateways users!
  • P1 cable of 50cm included
  • Future-proof due to regular new firmware updates
  • Based on the powerful Dual-Core Tensilica Xtensa LX6 microprocessor with a clock speed of 240Mhz with 4MB of working memory
  • leaves the inferior ESP8266 and ESP12-based solutions far behind, enabling it to handle multiple heavy-duty tasks simultaneously
  • Not based on ESPHome allowing this gateway to be paired with home automation solutions other than Home Assistant alone
  • Telnet support (up to 5 simultaneous sessions)
  • Smart Meter Home Assistant MQTT (MQTT Autodiscovery for Home Assistant)
  • Suitable for Homey through its own Smart Gateways App
  • MQTT support (including tls and interval)
  • Ability to choose between static ip address and DHCP
  • Includes support for the new Home Assistant Energy Dashboard!
  • Can be paired simultaneously with Home Assistant, Domoticz, Homey, DSMR reader and OpenHAB allowing these products to be used side by side.

Comes with step by step instructions so that installation is possible within 5 minutes. More information including detailed instructions on our support page.

Kilk here for a LIVE DEMO of Home Assistant. Username: demo – password: smartgateways

Weight0,100 kg
Dimensions5,5 × 4 × 2,5 cm


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Smart gateways

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